Intrepid Street

I am a news junky. News. Not rumor. Not opinion. Well, a little but of opinion, if it is presented as such. I am addicted to NPR. It is rare that I have listened to enough NPR. These two items are almost certainly related.

As is customary, I listened to NPR on the journey to the office this morning. Their piece, Chicago Homeless Encampment Creates, Enforces Its Own Rules, spoke to me. First up was how a society treats those that are less fortunate or in its care reflects greatly on the quality of that society. We are not nearly as enlightened as we would like to think. Secondly, how is it that a group in these profound dire straits can organize and do a better job at society than those that supposedly lead us?

Everything else pales. I think the wife and I will take part in a women’s march on Saturday.

Other things of note took place today. Nothing worth distracting from that though.