Intrepid Street

Today I am starting a journey. A journey of remembrance.  A journey of the written word.

I have found that I live in the moment. Perhaps too much. My recollection of the details, the moments has never been fantastic. As time has progressed, I have gotten better at recollection. Not good enough. Friday at lunch, Monday at lunch. Both days I said to myself, my wife would love to hear this story. Friday, I knew there was something to share. Not what. Today, I told her the tale in broad strokes.

It has always been like this for me. I don’t view this as a degradation of my neurons. Broad strokes and large events, I recall. Details and the minutia that entertains and consumes our existence, not so much.

I shall attempt to record pieces of each day here. Over time, I hope, I will recall more. Recollect greater detail. Relay stories of my day.

Welcome to my journey.