Intrepid Street

Lunch. Occasionally conversations of interest occur over lunch. Occasionally. Today marginally fell into the occasional category. It was brought up that a youngish person did something stupid that could have, should have, killed them. They lived. No death there.

In jest, sort of, I commented this might be a good argument for reinstating evolution. It was my pleasure to witness a discussion between two smart young ladies over what separates evolution and natural selection. First stated that they were the same. Second said they weren’t the same. Second elaborated that natural selection was sort of a subset of, it leads to, evolution. Being a subset made natural selection not evolution. Someone suggested, perhaps me, there may be hair-splitting by axes going on.

What was the tale that began this conversation? What not so smart task did the person of youth perform? I do not recall.


Later that same day.

What do you do when you receive an email whose subject line starts with “FLUB”? You start a chain of events leading to a request for a google search of “… umbrella.” Telling the recipient they are one of the best not widely known bands out there. Having completely made up the band name. Having the co-worker reply with a link to a Canadian rapper’s website. Bluff called.

Good thing I sent my wife the website URL. I’ll update this after she gets home.


——— UPDATE ———

Forever Umbrella, search for them, I dare you.